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School tales

September 15, 2017

It’s been too long since the last post – since then A started school, settled in beautifully and loves it. I was both excited for her to start, and at the same time a little sad that this is it, she’s off to school. And the day before she was due to start school, I remember we made rainbows on the wall with mirrors and a bowl of water. I think that’ll be a nice memory for me, even though she isn’t going to remember it 🙂

And on the first day she was greeted by her teacher who seemed really nice, and it didn’t take too long for her to trust her and become completely besotted at all! I spent about a week hanging out at her school, and the I was quite amazed at how quickly she settled in and didn’t cry much at all. When I would go to pick her up in the afternoons, there would be big outbursts of emotion at seeing me after so long, but even that stopped after a couple of days. Or she would tell me that she was crying because she wanted to stay in school longer! And now that is school is closing for 10 days for Dasara holidays, she is quite upset about it, and I hope I can keep her as entertained at home! While there is the usual trepidation on how I’ll keep her ‘engaged’ (funny how this wasn’t even a thing until she started school three months back), I think we will enjoy the relaxed mornings and probably do a LOT of painting and go for walks.

We have this ritual of stopping to getting tender coconut on the way back from school, once a week, usually on Fridays. So, this morning, I told her, ‘Today is Friday, what does that mean?’

We are going to drink,’ she said, all enthusiasm.

Oh yeah, TGIF!

And she continues to entertain all and sundry at school, sometimes at my expense. S and I joke that there are no secrets in our family anymore. Everyone knows everything that goes on at home now. Last month S was travelling for a couple of days, and this child, forever obsessed with bills of all sorts, pulled out some grocery store bills from my wallet and said she wanted to give them to Papa to ‘surprise him’ when he returned. I said okay (and added ‘you strange child’, in my head) and made a mental note to tell S to act surprised.

A week later, another teacher at her school told me of this conversation she had with her.

A: My Papa is travelling, so I’m going to surprise him when he comes back.

Teacher: How are you going to surprise him?

A: With Mama’s BILLS!

Like I said, total entertainment, never a dull day.