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March 28, 2016

For a baby who hasn’t been exposed to too much sugar yet, A has a big fat sweet tooth. And so, the other day when she was unwell and awoke from a nap and I was feeling indulgent, I asked her what she’d like for lunch. Pasta, or rice or x or y or z. She said her standard ‘beda’ to every option. So then I asked her what she would like instead.

Pat came the answer, ‘Cake?’

(In case you’re wondering, I didn’t go on to bake a cake – I’m not that indulgent!)

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to blog this Eggless carrot cake recipe that I’ve repeated with great success. I can’t quite recall where I came across it but I made it when she turned one year old and she loved it. As I went back to look at this recipe for a friend today, I realised that I’d scribbled ‘Baked for sis1’s birthday, between two feeding sessions of a 2.5 month-old A 🙂 I remember feeling thrilled at being able to manage some baking while I was still a new mother, trying to not get too overwhelmed. Being able to bake felt like I was still able to be in control, to an extent.  Looking back, it also reminds me how tiny she once was (and she still is!)

This is the best eggless recipe I’ve tried.

Eggless Carrot Cake


Flour/maida – 1 cup

Butter/oil – 1/4 cup

Milk – 1/2 cup

Curd – 1/4 cup

Sugar – 2/3 cup

Vanilla extract – 1/2 tsp

Grated carrot – 1 cup (I used 3 medium carrots)

Baking soda – 1 tsp

Baking powder – 1 tsp

Cinnamon/nutmeg – for additional flavour

Nuts or raisins – optional – 1/4 cup


I love how simple this recipe is. Especially when I realise I don’t have to type out a long paragraph here. Mix these dry ingredients together – flour, baking powder, soda. Mix the wet ingredients together with sugar – oil, milk, curd, vanilla, sugar. Mix the the dry into the wet. Add carrots and whatever nuts you’re using. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 170 C for 30 minutes. I think this recipe should fit a 6 or 7 inch pan.

Go ahead, bake your cake and eat it too!



March 23, 2016

There are crazy nights (yes, even at 19 months) when it seems like your baby will stay latched on forever (oh unless, she latches on for three seconds and then wants to switch. Repeat 3000 times). And there are days when thanks to aforementioned nights, your eyes are involuntarily shutting at 3pm, but one little energizer bunny only wants to play. 

Amidst the madness there is deep, deep introspection. Like, ‘WHAT were we thinking ?!’

And more questions. ‘What on earth did we do with all that free time before we had a BABY?!’  

Then there come those MOMENTS. Gah. She does something that blows you away. She says something that makes you tear up. You watch her learn something new. Or you catch yourself giggling away like you haven’t heard yourself giggle. And you grudgingly admit, these moments make it worthwhile. Oh well, almost. 


Mealtimes are usually like this: First, A likes to examine the food that’s on her plate. And then list out the ingredients she spots. And then proceed to pick out stuff she doesn’t fancy at that moment, and then eat the rest while talking non-stop (Unless it’s cake.  Or ‘PANcaynk’) And yet, every once in a while, she quietly picks up the food, and eats. No words, no examination, not a squeak. She just eats until she’s at least half done with her meal. And then, the tiny voice pipes up, as if offering an explanation for the silence –

‘Mummy, anki (hungry)’

And as if explaining in one language doesn’t suffice, she repeats in Kannada. 


This is usually the point where I forgive all the nights she’s kept me up and try and pick myself up from the puddle that I’ve become.