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The voices in my head: my worst enemy

September 5, 2015

And also my best friend. 

(The setting: I plan to run 7km as part of training for an upcoming 10k run. I’m resuming running after a couple of years. It’s a hot Sunday morning, about 8.45 when I start, and the venue is a lake close to my house.)

Here’s what the voices say:

Whoa. Looks super hot. Let’s ditch the 7km idea. 

Yup, maybe 5. 

Or wind up after 2km if it’s too difficult. Run 7 another day. 

This place looks so deserted. What if I get accosted. Maybe I should head home. 

Plodding, plodding, I finish nearly 2km. And then 2.5. 

I only need to do this again to finish 5km. 

I’ll stop and drink water after 3km. And then try and do another 3. I think the 7 is doable. 

OMG my pace is so slow! So much for trying to aim for under 7 min/km. 

Yeah, ditch the timing. Focus on finishing 7. 

OMG I tripped and nearly fell hard, maybe I should stop. 

This is SO hard. Maybe I’ll just walk the rest of the distance. 

Yay. 5km. In nearly 38 min. Oh dear. 

Just 2 km to go. 

Ugh, tripped again. Should probably stop and head back before I fall and injure my head or something. 

Just keep running slowly till 6 and then you can walk the last km. 

I’m blogging about this!

Yay 6km! Maybe I can just keep jogging slowly till 6.5km. This way I can try and finish under 55 min. 

6.5, PHEW. 

That girl over there is running at a decent pace. Let me keep running till that fork in the path. 

Let’s not exceed 56 min, or a plus 8 min/km will look terrible. Let’s run the last few hundred metres as fast as we can. C’MON!

Yay, finally 7km. Yes, you did it, Shub. And avg pace 7:59/km

*pat pat*

That fork is still a little distance away, let me keep running to try and bring my pace down by a couple of seconds. 

Fork. Stop. You’re done. Free!

7.23km. 57:36, 7:58/km 

Man I feel like crap. I struggled so much. I should’ve run at least 5 minutes faster. 

But I managed 7 in this weather. Phew.