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May 13, 2017

(Yes, can we just do away with titles for blog posts altogether, please?)

Yesterday was one of those mornings where I started the day with low energy, had cramps and was so tired and wanted to nap by 10. The thought of making lunch made me want to curl up in bed.

Mercifully, around 11, A and I got into bed with the idea of an early nap for both of us. We read for a bit and then began to play the fool. ย She climbed onto me as I lay on the bed and generally began to monkey around. We began to roughhouse and mercifully she didn’t jump on my tummy, and as always, it was so much fun. After about 30-45 minutes of this, accompanied by the world’s sweetest sound – that of A’s laughter, of course – both of us felt remarkably refreshed, we got out of bed and I was ready to make lunch.

I prepped for a pumpkin soup and also remembered there was some plain frozen millet khichdi (just pressure cooker millets + dal mixture that I made too much of once and frozen) I had to use up soon. I took that out and reheated it and took out some spinach I’d blanched the previous night and chopped it up.

Now, A began to get quite hungry and sleepy as it approached 1pm. Also, she’d been awake since before 6am, so I decided to make soup later and served the khichdi with some curd. And the plain, blanched (almost burnt) spinach. This child LOVES spinach, for some reason. So she devoured whatever was in her bowl, asked for more spinach (by now I had even given up the idea of adding garlic or some seasoning) and then, kept saying, ‘Thank you for food, Mummy’. And as usual, wanted to know how I had made it and what went into it.

So. Much. Heartmelt. And gratitude.

The way the morning just turned itself around was quite amazing. And I’m so, so, grateful for this sweet, understanding, accommodating and non-fussy child of mine โค


(This post is mostly to remind myself of how sweet this child can be, on days when she’s driving me up the wall :D)


C: Conversations (Part 4?)

April 4, 2017

Long time no conversations post. That doesn’t mean this child of mine is talking any lesser. On the contrary, she’s talking too much and too fast these days for me to keep track. 

We’ve already got the where was I at your wedding question. And then last week, 

‘When you were a baby and Daddy was a baby, I was also a baby, huh?’ 

No Ammu. 

‘Then what was I?’

She was used to hearing tales about how when she was younger, she couldn’t walk or talk. And so,

‘When I was a baby, did I have hands?’

The baby-ness that comes through in some of these conversations is heart-melting. The smart-assedness in some others, not so much. 

The other day, I was chiding her for not saying Hi to the guy who delivers water to our apartment. He seems quite fond of her and always makes it a point to talk to her. Pat came her reply, ‘I didn’t see you saying Hi.’ 

And then, there are times when she goes into paragon of virtue and good manners mode. Usually either following a meal that made her very happy (read cinnamon rolls, cake, banana bread etc) or just as she is about to eat. Last week I made cinnamon rolls and once done, she dutifully washed her hands and then wiped her hands on a towel closest to her. And then, 

‘Can I, please can I dry my hands in your towel?’

‘I’m asking because it’s your towel’


And the other day, I was looking for a rubberband to tie her hair up, and she pipes up –

‘Don’t put rubberband, it’s not bothering me.’

What’s not, the rubberband?

‘No, my hair is not bothering me’.

I shouldn’t be surprised, but every once in a while, she still does take me by surprise ๐Ÿ™‚


B: Beach bum (not)

April 2, 2017

I’ve loved beaches for as long as I’ve remembered, and thankfully, I discovered very quickly after meeting S, that so does he. (Actually, is there anyone who does not like the beach? Okay there was a short phase when I was living in Singapore and visiting Malaysia too damn often and I began to actually not look forward to *that much* sun and sand and sea. It didn’t last long, phew.) So then, naturally, we were excited to introduce lil A to the beach. Last year, we took her to her first ever beach vacation – Vizag. And her feelings were clearly mixed.

So we decided to give it a shot again. Goa, last month. And we had visions of her squealing and frolicking in the water and playing in the sand. The latter happened. The former well, there was screaming and crying. We tried at different times of the day, different beaches, ensured she wasn’t hungry or sleepy. Nothing worked. No mixed feelings, just plain dislike ๐Ÿ˜ In fact, she would even scream her head off and cry if even I were to go wet my feet in the water, while she waited afar with S. It took me a lot of restraint (and I must admit I didn’t entirely succeed) to not force her to try it one more time, lest I scar her for life. After we returned to Bangalore Hyderabad, she tells us, she didn’t like the beach because she didn’t like getting her shoes wet.


Well, we’ll just have to keep trying, as soon as she forgets the last experience, I suppose.