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June 23, 2009

With a maniacal gleam in her eyes she rained blows on him.

Die, you bastard, Die!

She sat back and watched him struggle and then die. She walked to the bar and poured herself a drink. Laughing gleefully, she raised her glass.

To freedom, finally.

She heard the latch and saw her husband walk in. He saw the gleam of satisfaction on her face – ‘All gone, huh?’

Let’s just say we’re never gonna be bothered again.

Impressive. You could turn professional, you know?

And what, call myself ‘Xena, the cockroach slayer?’, she laughed, relaxing for the first time since they moved into the new apartment.



June 7, 2009

I smile to myself

stirring sugar into the tea.

I set down the two cups

and start sipping one.

I remember how

you’d frown upon

my incessant tea-drinking,

and chide me endlessly.

I overlooked all of your vices.

The excessive drinking I ignored,

the smoking I put up with.


The womanizing I turned a blind eye to.

Yet my one vice, I couldn’t have.

So I settle down with the tea,

and set your picture beside the other cup.

It isn’t that I miss you

(I do)

Or wish you were here to share some tea

(I don’t)

Just this delicious desire to spite you

as you look up and see


relishing my second cup of tea.


Yours, faithfully.

June 3, 2009

He checked into the hotel, late in the evening. The same one he’d stay in, every couple of months when he visited the city. The same old, but well-furnished one located in the seedy district of town. His company was barely making profits, and this hotel by virtue of its location was cheaper than most other good ones. A quick wash later, he stepped out.

Right outside, she stood waiting.
“You seem lonely…”
He walked on, ignoring her. She looked gorgeous alright, but he wasn’t going there.
“I’ve seen you come here every other month. You stay for a few days and I presume, work all the time and then head back. Don’t you need some company?”
“I’m good, thanks.”
“Ah the virtuous one, I see. Well, I hope you change your mind”, she called out, as he walked away.

A couple of hours later when he returned, and she was still there.
“You’ve changed your mind, I presume?”
He tried to be firm, “Listen, I’m married…”
“Not a problem. I don’t kiss and tell”, she smiled.
“Look, I’m not interested, really. Just leave me alone.”
“Oh alright.”
Relieved, he started towards the lobby.
“But, I have a favour to ask.”
“I’m homeless, currently. I thought I could use a room to stay for the next three days. Which is sort of why I approached you in the first place.”
“You’re kidding me”, he said, exasperated.
“No, I swear it’s true. Believe me!”, she pleaded earnestly.
He looked at her. She was either one hell of an actress, or genuinely in trouble. She didn’t seem the trampy types, and in any other setting, he might have thought her a decent person.
Okay, but you get out in the mornings as I leave. And let’s make this clear. You’re just sharing the room with me. Don’t try and get me to “change my mind” again.”
“Thanks, you’re a gentleman indeed.” she said, seemingly touched.
And they went in.


“Lady, your man is good as gold.”
“Yes, for three nights I tried. Nothing worked, not even throwing myself at him in my seductive best!”, she said with a laugh. “On the third night, after yet another blatant attempt to seduce him, he saw through me and threw me out on my ass.”
“Quite a pity really, cos I was really beginning to like the man”, she said keenly watching Mrs. Taylor for a reaction.
“I bet you were”, she said with a smile, beginning to relax.
“So, go on and be happy with your man, Mrs. Taylor. They don’t make men like those anymore. He’s clearly deeply in love with you and he’s not going anywhere.”

She smiled broadly, clearly relieved.

“He’d get back from work really late every night, and dutifully make that good night call to you before turning in. What’s not to love in a man, who calls and says in the most tender voice ‘I love you Susan, I can’t wait to see you’, every single night? Hold on to your man, Mrs. Taylor, and may I say, woman to woman, he’s a keeper for sure!”

Mrs.Taylor nodded, seemingly reluctant to make any further conversation. She thanked her, money changed hands and they parted ways.


When he got home, he found a card on the bed.

We’re over. You’ll hear from my lawyer.

Yours  faithfully,


PS: Give my regards to Susan.