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No title – part 2

November 24, 2015

Continued from here

‘Sharan! Please say something.’

‘Had I not known you better, I would’ve said oh you’re blowing me off cos you want to be single and footloose when you move to Spain. All those Hispanic dudes…’

‘Hahahahahaha. Dude!’

Sharan sat down and stared at Anu. 

‘Sharan, jokes apart…’

‘Thank you.’


‘Thank you for being honest enough to see our relationship for what it is, Anu. And thank you for being honest enough for the both of us.’

It was Anu’s turn to go speechless for a bit. 

‘Do you think we are beyond repair?’

‘Well, we could try starting over. But yeah, I agree, a break would do us good. And you can have all the fun you want to in Spain.’

Anu responded by throwing a cushion at him. 

‘Are you a little disappointed that I’m not upset?’

‘You know me too well, Sharan. But I know you are a little upset deep down, but too reluctant to let it show.’

‘Look at us. Know-it-alls.’

‘And yet, it took us this long to confront the elephant in the room. Wait, DON’T turn that into a fat joke.’

Sharan stood up and kissed Anu. ‘Gah, I am going to miss you.’

‘Me too.’

Anu blinked away her tears, and said, ‘Friends, then?’

Sharan sighed. 

‘Too soon?,’ said Anu. 

‘Way too soon. Give it a year, perhaps?’

Anu nodded, and hugged Sharan and walked out.


No Title – part 1

November 7, 2015

‘Are you freaking kidding me?,’ said Meeta.

Anu knew this would be a difficult conversation but this had not begun well at all.

‘No, I’m serious. I’m going to be 25 in a couple of months. And..’

‘And you guys will be celebrating 10 years of being together the same day. And you want to just throw that away? You’re being ridiculous.’


‘No, YOU listen to me. You’re being stupid. Daft. Thick. So bloody insane.’

‘Thank you. Now, could you please hear me out?’

Meeta sighed. ‘OK, please finish.’

‘I’ve been thinking of this for nearly a year now. We’ve been together all these years, things have become so..predictable. Feels like we’ve already been married for five years now. What can possibly change?’

‘Anu, you met the right guy when you were 15. Do you realise how lucky you are? You think it might have been fun if you’d dated a few more guys before you found him? Have you forgotten how utterly destroyed I was after my last two breakups?’

‘No, I haven’t, and I don’t mean that, okay? I’m just saying I feel like this relationship is a large part of my identity now. I constantly wonder if I would’ve turned out to be a different person if not for Sharan. If I’d been single in my growing-up years.’

‘You guys have grown up together, how is that a bad thing? You’re so perfect together. You guys practically finish each others’ sentences.’

‘Exactly. Where is the element of surprise? I can tell the sort of day he’s had at work by the way he sets his bag down when we meet for coffee!’

‘You know what, my Mom’s right. She says when something comes to you too easily, you don’t value it. You’re throwing away a good thing, Anu, and you clearly don’t see it.’

‘I’m not breaking up with him. I want to take a break for a while. That’s it.’

‘What is this, a bloody commercial break? All the drama and laughter continues right from where you stopped?’

‘Well, I want to see what Sharan thinks of the idea.’

‘And if he doesn’t want to “take a break”?’

‘Then I might have to break up with him.’

‘You’ve clearly made up your mind. Why do I need to waste my breath?’

‘Meetu, come on. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s taken me a lot of time to come to this decision.’

‘You’ll be sorry you did.’

‘Hey, thanks for being so supportive, Meetu. You probably don’t realise how hard this is for me. I can understand you’re protective about Sharan, but spare a thought for me too.’

‘Anu, you’ll be distraught when you break up. I’m being protective about you. YOU don’t realise how hard this is going to be for you.’


‘Anu, please. Can’t do this anymore. Gotta go.’


(Part 1 of n. A loose plot that’s been in my head for a while now. Parts of it lie drafted out on an old laptop and a hard-drive, I think. But I figured I’d start over and re-write. I’ve no clue where the plot is heading myself. Humour me, okay?)