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S is for Solo

April 22, 2017

I don’t know if it is part of growing older but I think I enjoy doing things by myself a lot more than I used to.

In my twenties, or at least the early twenties I thought that the sight of anyone eating a meal at a restaurant by themselves was a sad one. Today, I’d probably be more than happy to do it, given a chance.

Maybe it’s my current stay-at-home-with-A status or just how I’m growing, but I’d jump at the idea of having a long, leisurely lunch by myself with perhaps a book (or my Kindle) or my sketchbook for company. The idea of some quiet and solitude seems so appealing. I think I’ve also grown more secure that I feel comfortable enough to do it.

Which is what I did earlier this week. Since my folks are here, I set off by myself, visited a couple of art galleries and then had a lovely lunch all by myself.

And then, there’s the other idea. Travel. Like I was discussing with a couple of friends sometime back, travelling solo is something I really wish I had done earlier. But all’s not lost. Now that A’s getting older and we’re all getting more confident that she doesn’t really seem to mind me being away for a day or two, I can actually think of doing it.

Of course, I wish it were that easy for a woman to travel alone India (that solo lunch I mentioned earlier – I had a creep almost ruin it for me while I waited for my taxi). But that’s perhaps all the more reason to do it.


R is for Relief

April 21, 2017

That feeling when you finally finish something you’ve been putting off for a while because you’re SO afraid you’ll screw it up. And then you finally decided you’ve procrastinated enough (by painting tomatoes and more tomatoes and taking naps!) and decide to eat the frog (nope I haven’t read the book but I love the expression) and just do it. I’ve been putting off a human figure sketch that I’ve been working on because I’m not comfortable drawing figures. I did the first draft a couple of weeks ago, and was happy, and was just dragging my feet getting started on the final version. Because, what if it looks horrible? What if it looks nothing like the draft that I actually like?! Etc.

Anyway, it’s done. Phew. That feeling of relief is amazing. It’s great to realise that –

a. It’s done

b. You haven’t screwed it up (too much, anyway)

c. It’s D.O.N.E!

d. Bonus: It gave rise to a blog post for R!

*Happy dance*


G: Gezellig 

April 8, 2017


This is a page from a beautiful book called Lost In Translation. It’s a collection of illustrations of ‘untranslatable words’ from around the world. This is one of the best gifts I’ve ever got. I love it. 

This word, rather, the feeling got me thinking. Gezellig, that feeling of warmth that engulfs you when you spend time with your loved ones. It can just be that time spent drinking tea with the family over the newspapers in the mornings, or it can be over a meal. Or a family picnic. Playing boardgames together. 

And then I remembered a time I distinctly felt this – a group of acquaintances from work, some friends of theirs that I had never met earlier, everyone got together to cook a simple meal over a drink or two. Some great choice of music. Relaxed, easy conversation, shared stories, that got carried on over to dinner. And despite not really knowing these people well, it was a lovely experience overall. And I remember the guy who organised this saying he does this every week, just having a bunch of people over and cooking and eating together. I’d love to have something like that in my life as well!

Oftentimes when we have large family get togethers, the women troop into the kitchen and start cooking. And while I used to wonder why they just don’t take the easier route and order in or get it catered, I believe I have the answer today. It’s Gezellig.


D: Drawing

April 5, 2017

And that’s what this post is going to be.

I’ve also quite ambitiously started on a daily drawing challenge this April, the theme being fruit, vegetables or food. And guess which of the two challenges is going to be easier for me to stick to? 😉

Since there are no Sundays off in that challenge, yesterday was D for Durian. And here’s what I posted on my Instagram page, where all my drawings are posted.