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X and Y

April 29, 2017

So I skipped X because life intervened and we had to make an unplanned trip to Bangalore and it was about 10.45pm and we were on the bus when I remembered that I hadn’t posted for X yet. And so I went ‘Oh well’ and went to sleep. I had a couple of ideas swimming in my head and didn’t get around to fleshing them out enough for a post. Here’s the illustration for X that I did. X for Xiao Long Bao, those lovely little dumplings filled with soup. I happened to get to know of and taste these at a SE Asian restaurant in Bangalore last year. All my years in Singapore, I had no clue that such a thing exists. And what marvellous little things these are 🙂


Y is for Yellow Bell Pepper. 

My most favourite vegetable, possibly. Now, my most favourite way to eat it is roasted on a flame until it’s blackened and then cooled and peeled. I love eating it as it is, or in a sandwich. And here’s my Yellow bell pepper illustration. 

Man, I can’t believe we’re at Z next! Yaaaaaay. 


A: Am I crazy or what?

April 1, 2017

That’s right. Am I really taking up the April Blogging Challenge? It would seem so. I’ve been meaning to post since, oh, only Jan 1st this year. As always, maybe this will help me shake off the inertia and just post something. I hope to do at least short posts, and the occasional sketch or photo when I’m at a loss for words (ha ha). Okay, Sayesha, my inspiration, let’s do this. 


Weddings and things

May 23, 2016

The cousin’s wedding I last attended was a lot of fun. Despite my initial worries about how A would deal with a new place, lots of new faces and the general chaos that accompanies a wedding, it was great. Of course she was clingy and didn’t really leave my side for too long, but as long as she had that sense of security, she was really easy to be with. In the three days we spent there, I felt like I understood her a little more and fell in love a little more with the tiny person she is. In a nutshell, this is what she is like around new faces – You spend time to get to know me, you’ll be rewarded and I’ll respond to you. If you’re too in-my-face all the time, I’ll be forever scared of you and cry if you come close. If I like you, chances are that I’ll keep calling your name every time I see you 🙂

The other thing that struck me was this amazing thing about my relatives. Some people always  show up at these weddings no matter what, no matter how far they’ve to travel. And I don’t mean just the first circle of relatives. An uncle from Canada, folks from Calcutta. More than anything, these are folks a who are 60, even 70+ years of age. Even folks who live closer, but someone who can’t walk without support, someone who’s just got out of the hospital a few days earlier. To make that journey that involves a train and then a bus just to be there at a wedding is quite splendid. I guess being around everyone just lifts spirits, so perhaps no journey is too long or hard. My own parents are no different, and I hope I’ll also be the same – someone who always shows up. For a happy occasion or even otherwise. 


T: Talk talk talk talk

April 23, 2016

A has been talking a LOT in the last couple of months. And on this trip Bangalore, her vocabulary has just been expanding and expanding. It’s a smattering of Tamil, English and a lot of Kannada.

Sees something unfamiliar.

Ammi, idu what is this?

Mummy, what is that?’

Sees something she wants for herself.

Idu Ammu-du‘ (This is Ammu’s)
Sitting on the throne in the bathroom at my folks’ place

Idu yaav bathroom? Bathroom paer enna? (Which bathroom is this? What is this bathroom’s name?)

Thatha (her grandpa) goes out of sight.

Thatha yelli hoytu?! Thatha enga pona? (Where did Thatha go?)

While I’m helping her into a pair of Giraffe undies I bought from a woman at a shop.

Idu Aunty kodsidu‘ (Aunty bought this for me. While she means we bought this from Aunty)

Waiting for her grandpa at the gate

Thatha kanstha illa‘ (Can’t see Thatha)


to an old bruise on her thigh

Gaaya bench sitting‘ (Cos we noticed the bruise when we were sitting on a bench in the park)

And while she’s eating something she really enjoys (eg: grapes, mango, cucumber)

Innu haaku, innu haaku

(Put some more, put some more)


No title – part 2

November 24, 2015

Continued from here

‘Sharan! Please say something.’

‘Had I not known you better, I would’ve said oh you’re blowing me off cos you want to be single and footloose when you move to Spain. All those Hispanic dudes…’

‘Hahahahahaha. Dude!’

Sharan sat down and stared at Anu. 

‘Sharan, jokes apart…’

‘Thank you.’


‘Thank you for being honest enough to see our relationship for what it is, Anu. And thank you for being honest enough for the both of us.’

It was Anu’s turn to go speechless for a bit. 

‘Do you think we are beyond repair?’

‘Well, we could try starting over. But yeah, I agree, a break would do us good. And you can have all the fun you want to in Spain.’

Anu responded by throwing a cushion at him. 

‘Are you a little disappointed that I’m not upset?’

‘You know me too well, Sharan. But I know you are a little upset deep down, but too reluctant to let it show.’

‘Look at us. Know-it-alls.’

‘And yet, it took us this long to confront the elephant in the room. Wait, DON’T turn that into a fat joke.’

Sharan stood up and kissed Anu. ‘Gah, I am going to miss you.’

‘Me too.’

Anu blinked away her tears, and said, ‘Friends, then?’

Sharan sighed. 

‘Too soon?,’ said Anu. 

‘Way too soon. Give it a year, perhaps?’

Anu nodded, and hugged Sharan and walked out.


 My go-to brownie recipes

November 23, 2015

Yes, I have two of them that I love! One needs chocolate (bar form) while the other calls for cocoa. I think I’d qualify as a brownie snob. The other day someone tried to pass off a spongy square of chocolate cake as a brownie. Not cool at all. 

This one is based on a recipe by Alice Merdich which seems fairly popular. And it’s super-simple: heat butter , sugar, cocoa powder over a double boiler. Once slightly cool, add eggs and flour. And then, bake. I discovered, by accident, that this recipe still turns out great if you (unintentionally) double the quantity of butter. Your colleagues don’t care and will polish it all off any way. Yup, yup, yup. Fudgy and dense and perfect. 

The other recipe, of course, is the world-famous ‘Katherine Hepburn’ brownies from Dorie Greenspan. It’s been a while since I made them, but I think I used this recipe the very first time I baked brownies. And remember being wow-ed. Again, a fairly simple recipe – melt chocolate and butter. Whisk in sugar, eggs and flour once slightly cool. Again, dense and fudge and delicious. 

If I have chocolate on hand, I’ll definitely choose the Dorie Greenspan recipe over the other one. But I must repeat, both make fantastic brownies. 

Bonus recipe: if you’re feeling extra-indulgent, try these cheesecake-swirled-brownies. Brilliant stuff!



Saturday evening

November 14, 2015

Maggi-but-not-maggi. Chai. Chaaye. Interesting cafe. Sorry, chai shop. Guncha koi. Overhearing a hilarious conversation. Sketching with a hero pen.