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That last minute post 

November 27, 2015

 Is a sketch that I did for day 50 of the 75 day challenge. One of the nicer restaurants close to home ­čÖé



The coolest job

November 26, 2015

What did you think was the coolest job in the world when you were younger? Do you still feel that way now?’

Given how little I remember about my childhood, I don’t really recall this. But at various points of time I have thought musicians, artists and writers probably have the coolest jobs. Not so much any more, cos I guess to an extent I understand how much hard work goes into becoming good at what you do (while I’m struggling to just find something to blog about every day). I suppose the fact that a lot of hard work needs to go in shouldn’t ideally make a job any cooler, but I guess in my head, the definition of cool is something fun and effortless. So there. 

In the last couple of years, wedding photographers and travel bloggers have become cool job titles to hold, I’d suppose. While on the surface everything may look hunky dory, I’m sure each job comes with its own set of challenges. Like hey, what does a travel blogger do for fun? Okay maybe that just a case of sour grapes for me, but I suppose at the end of the day, as long as you are sufficiently challenged and look forward to your day at work on most days, that’s pretty cool too, huh?

And if you were to ask me what role I’d swap places for in a heartbeat, you guessed, I’d say, hey could someone please pay me to travel to my heart’s content and then write up nice, long pieces? 


No title – part 2

November 24, 2015

Continued from here

‘Sharan! Please say something.’

‘Had I not known you better, I would’ve said oh you’re blowing me off cos you want to be single and footloose when you move to Spain. All those Hispanic dudes…’

‘Hahahahahaha. Dude!’

Sharan sat down and stared at Anu. 

‘Sharan, jokes apart…’

‘Thank you.’


‘Thank you for being honest enough to see our relationship for what it is, Anu. And thank you for being honest enough for the both of us.’

It was Anu’s turn to go speechless for a bit. 

‘Do you think we are beyond repair?’

‘Well, we could try starting over. But yeah, I agree, a break would do us good. And you can have all the fun you want to in Spain.’

Anu responded by throwing a cushion at him. 

‘Are you a little disappointed that I’m not upset?’

‘You know me too well, Sharan. But I know you are a little upset deep down, but too reluctant to let it show.’

‘Look at us. Know-it-alls.’

‘And yet, it took us this long to confront the elephant in the room. Wait, DON’T turn that into a fat joke.’

Sharan stood up and kissed Anu. ‘Gah, I am going to miss you.’

‘Me too.’

Anu blinked away her tears, and said, ‘Friends, then?’

Sharan sighed. 

‘Too soon?,’ said Anu. 

‘Way too soon. Give it a year, perhaps?’

Anu nodded, and hugged Sharan and walked out.


┬áMy go-to brownie recipes

November 23, 2015

Yes, I have two of them that I love! One needs chocolate (bar form) while the other calls for cocoa. I think I’d qualify as a brownie snob. The other day someone tried to pass off a spongy square of chocolate cake as a brownie. Not cool at all. 

This one is based on a recipe by Alice Merdich which seems fairly popular. And it’s super-simple: heat butter , sugar, cocoa powder over a double boiler. Once slightly cool, add eggs and flour. And then, bake. I discovered, by accident, that this recipe still turns out great if you (unintentionally) double the quantity of butter. Your colleagues don’t care and will polish it all off any way. Yup, yup, yup. Fudgy and dense and perfect. 

The other recipe, of course, is the world-famous ‘Katherine Hepburn’ brownies from Dorie Greenspan. It’s been a while since I made them, but I think I used this recipe the very first time I baked brownies. And remember being wow-ed. Again, a fairly simple recipe – melt chocolate and butter. Whisk in sugar, eggs and flour once slightly cool. Again, dense and fudge and delicious. 

If I have chocolate on hand, I’ll definitely choose the Dorie Greenspan recipe over the other one. But I must repeat, both make fantastic brownies. 

Bonus recipe: if you’re feeling extra-indulgent, try these cheesecake-swirled-brownies. Brilliant stuff!



Sunday evening

November 22, 2015

Was a fun one. S is away, and I had a bit of shopping to do for A, so the two of us headed out. It threatened to rain, but I crossed my fingers, carried an umbrella, and no diaper bag since we weren’t going too far (a first, I think!) and headed out. Once we were done shopping (new shoes for her!), the weather still seemed fine, so I decided to go to the cafe at Rangashankara. I love the place, and figured, A would have ample space to run about if she wanted to. As it turned out, she didn’t run around much, but was quite keen on greeting people there and imitating some especially loud laughter (so embarrassing). Overall, it was a nice evening, and something I think I should do more often ­čÖé

Here she is chilling like a villain in her new shoes. 



Injury Prevention for Runners

November 21, 2015

A couple of weeks back, a colleague messaged on the office runners’ Whatsapp group (yes, there is a Whatsapp group for everything) about this injury prevention workshop for runners, conducted by a fairly popular physiotherapist and marathon-runner. I was eager to check it out. It looked interesting. Dr. Gladson Johnson, is a barefoot runner, and as S told me, also happened to be in a kickboxing class that he used to attend. I saw the price for a 6-hour workshop was Rs 2100 and balked, at first. And then figured, it might just be worth it. And what an eye-opener it was! I’d highly recommend his workshop in a heartbeat. Here are my primary takeaways – 

  1. Running is not exercise. I’ve always treated it that way. As long as you’re doing some sort of sport or keep moving, that is exercise, right? Wrong. Apparently, exercise helps your build strength, endurance and flexibility. On the other hand, sports like running, swimming and cycling draw from your flexibility, strength and endurance, and to a very minor extent, help you improve the latter. So to be able to run well, you gotta exercise. 
  2. Your shoelaces ain’t tight enough. Unless you loosen your lace all the way to the top and then tighten each portion to the end and then lace it up. He said you’ve to do it this way every single time, so that you can secure your feet and reduce the movement of your foot inside the shoe. And your feet do swell up in the course of a run – so at some point in the run, you might need to take them off and re-do the laces again. 
  3. Arm Swing! He said one of the two basic techniques to follow while running is to ensure you swing your arms. If you see how children run, and if you think back to the times you’ve sprinted, the arms start swinging naturally. The swinging arms help your upper body to pull your lower body off the ground,  he said. 
  4. Breathing. The other technique to keep in mind – never breathe through your mouth. This leads to a parched throat, and your brain is tricked into thinking the body is dehydrated. Besides, nasal breathing helps you take slower, longer breaths, which is always better, he said.

The workshop was fantastic, with him walking us through some conditioning exercises as well. Truly felt enlightened at the end of it.


Excuses and an excuse of a post

November 20, 2015

Plans. You can make ’em all you want.

You are┬áthrilled at getting an idea for your post for the day way before 11.30 pm. And you’ve started to draft it in your head, and figure this would be a longer-than-usual post. Then you get home, and decide to make an impromptu plan to go out for dinner to a restaurant nearby – since hey, that sort of thing doesn’t happen too often with since you┬ábecame a parent. And then you have a fun dinner. Of course at no point do the three of you sit at the table and eat at the same time, cos one tiny person is busy exploring the restaurant and greeting every single person in there. And saying hello to her own reflection. So you mentally tell yourself about checking if a place has a high-chair beforehand, from the next time. And you head home and nurse the tiny person to sleep, and somehow, just somehow, you manage to stay awake. It’s only 9.45 pm. And then once she’s asleep, you start off typing that┬ápost that you’ve been planning. And for some reason, she wakes up again, so you nurse her again, and hope that she goes back to sleep quickly. In the process of course, you fall asleep. And then the nice┬áperson that you married proceeds to change her, and seeing that both of you are asleep, proceeds to switch off the lights.

And when you wake up next and are able to form coherent thoughts in your head, you realise –

  1. *GASP* it’s 7.45am.
  2. *GROANNNN* You didn’t finish that post from last night.

So yeah, plans.

Life: 1, Plans: 0.