O: Old-fashioned

April 18, 2017

One of the days last week, I think it was for the letter J, I really struggled to think of a topic to blog about, and when I finally did get around to doing it, it was nearly 10.30pm. But I didn’t have to stress much once I thought of a topic because I have the WordPress app on my phone. I was in bed, ready to type out a post on my phone (I do that sometimes) and then just pass out.

That made me think how easy internet access and blogging is these days. Once upon a time, when I was still on a dial-up, this is what I would have done to publish a blog post. It’s of course hypothetical because, I hadn’t heard of blogging then. Still, I assume these would be the steps –

  1. Switch on the computer. (My phone now, is always on)
  2. Open a Word Doc or notepad to start typing a post (Now, if I blog from the phone, I go directly to the WordPress app, of course)
  3. Save the document every once in a while, because
    1. No power backup back then.
    2. Even software wasn’t evolved enough to auto-save every once in a while.
  4. If I wanted to add a photograph to a post, then Hahaha, good luck. These would be the steps (Gosh I should have just made a drawing with a flowchart instead of all these steps) –
    1. Youw ould, first of all, take the photograph with a good old-fashioned camera. Not a smartphone. Nu-uh.
    2. Hunt for cable to connect camera to computer. Connect.
    3. Then download the photo to the computer. (Smartphones, zindabad! There was a time when I was on Twitter but didn’t have a smartphone and very vaguely recall tweeting a photo this way.)
  5. Only once is the post is composed, edited etc, connect to the Internet. Who could think of wasting bandwidth in those days?After about 5 minutes of trying and finally successfully connecting to the internet, open WordPress or Blogger, which would of course open slooooowly, because that was the era of snail-paced internet. And then Copy and Paste the blog post.
  6. If you were really keen on uploading a photo, then you’d do it now. And wait and wait for the progress bar to indicate that it’s done.
  7. And then, click on Publish and wait, heart in mouth, for it to get published, hoping that no one calls your landline or the connection doesn’t break for some reason.

Et voilà, you’re done!

Sigh, I feel so old. And this darned era of instant gratification makes me both grateful and feel extremely spoilt. One day, I’m gonna show this post to A and see what she would have to say.

But I have one thing to say now.

There’s NO WAY I would’ve attempted the April A-Z blogging challenge in the good old days.




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