J: Journal, the Five minute journal

April 12, 2017

(I really had to struggle with this, but finally, thought of something where I could type away, without having to struggle for words.)

About a month and a half back, when I was not in a very happy place mentally, I decided to attempt Gratitude journaling. But, that didn’t go too far because sometimes it felt like too much of an effort to write something, at others it felt repetitive or worse, like I was doing it for the sake of it. Around the same time, I had sort of decided to give Bullet journaling a try as well and was testing waters.

Luckily for me, I came across the 5-minute journal (thanks to The Tim Ferriss podcast) which is quick, easy and seemed to marry the two philosophies (at least for me). There are plenty of details about the book/app itself on the www, so look it up. But I don’t use either – I’ve made my own pared down version over the days.

This is what it looks like –

  • What would make today great? (I list three most important todos for the day here and fill this in the previous night. This is really helpful in instant focus)
  • Three amazing things that happened today
  • What could’ve made today better (I’ve been skipping this lately but I think I ought to resume)

The original one also has two more sections – I’m grateful for…and a Daily affirmation section. I should probably add in the Daily affirmations too.

But for now, the version I’m using is really helpful. Each night I tick whatever I’ve done on the list and then carryover the unfinished things if needed. This makes me evaluate the day, focus on the little things or the big things that made me happy through the day and then plan for the next day. In the mornings I wake up, meditate and look at my list and it already sort of puts my day in focus. It’s simple and for someone who overthinks and over plans and gets over-stressed, it’s helping me focus on the most important things and simplify. What’s not to love?


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