I: I

April 11, 2017
  • I am glad I finally thought of something to post for I. 
  • I’m going for a stream-of-consciousness style of post 
  • I think I feel like I’m cheating on some level, but…
  • I don’t care
  • I can hear my Dad telling stories to A in an attempt to make her nap. I’m loving it 🙂
  • I’m excited to finally have my folks here for at least a couple of weeks (fingers crossed)
  • I’m also quite eagerly awaiting some packages with new sketching   gear – a paintbrush, gouache paints that I’ve never tried before and waterproof ink. I’m excited to try it all. 
  • I’m thinking I’ll paint Kiwis for my Illustration challenge today
  • I’m really grateful for the sort of inspiration Instagram has given me for my art in the last couple of years
  • I wanted to make a post on Instagram for I, but all that I’ve had to say is pretty much summed up in the previous bullet
  • I’m looking forward to gym this evening
  • I’m quite happy and content at this point in life. And yes, grateful too. 
  • I’m done, I think. 

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