G: Gezellig 

April 8, 2017


This is a page from a beautiful book called Lost In Translation. It’s a collection of illustrations of ‘untranslatable words’ from around the world. This is one of the best gifts I’ve ever got. I love it. 

This word, rather, the feeling got me thinking. Gezellig, that feeling of warmth that engulfs you when you spend time with your loved ones. It can just be that time spent drinking tea with the family over the newspapers in the mornings, or it can be over a meal. Or a family picnic. Playing boardgames together. 

And then I remembered a time I distinctly felt this – a group of acquaintances from work, some friends of theirs that I had never met earlier, everyone got together to cook a simple meal over a drink or two. Some great choice of music. Relaxed, easy conversation, shared stories, that got carried on over to dinner. And despite not really knowing these people well, it was a lovely experience overall. And I remember the guy who organised this saying he does this every week, just having a bunch of people over and cooking and eating together. I’d love to have something like that in my life as well!

Oftentimes when we have large family get togethers, the women troop into the kitchen and start cooking. And while I used to wonder why they just don’t take the easier route and order in or get it catered, I believe I have the answer today. It’s Gezellig.



  1. What’s the word for the feeling when Gezellig wears off and you’re left to contemplate your pointless existence? Asking for a friend.

    Just kidding, I love this post! And what a terrific idea for a book! You should totally consider compiling your illustrations into something, by the way. I love your art – it’s so distinct in its simplicity, but so beautiful in its details!

    • What you’ve said about my art is the nicest thing anyone’s said 😀 made my day!

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