B: Beach bum (not)

April 2, 2017

I’ve loved beaches for as long as I’ve remembered, and thankfully, I discovered very quickly after meeting S, that so does he. (Actually, is there anyone who does not like the beach? Okay there was a short phase when I was living in Singapore and visiting Malaysia too damn often and I began to actually not look forward to *that much* sun and sand and sea. It didn’t last long, phew.) So then, naturally, we were excited to introduce lil A to the beach. Last year, we took her to her first ever beach vacation – Vizag. And her feelings were clearly mixed.

So we decided to give it a shot again. Goa, last month. And we had visions of her squealing and frolicking in the water and playing in the sand. The latter happened. The former well, there was screaming and crying. We tried at different times of the day, different beaches, ensured she wasn’t hungry or sleepy. Nothing worked. No mixed feelings, just plain dislike 😐 In fact, she would even scream her head off and cry if even I were to go wet my feet in the water, while she waited afar with S. It took me a lot of restraint (and I must admit I didn’t entirely succeed) to not force her to try it one more time, lest I scar her for life. After we returned to Bangalore Hyderabad, she tells us, she didn’t like the beach because she didn’t like getting her shoes wet.


Well, we’ll just have to keep trying, as soon as she forgets the last experience, I suppose.



  1. Why are you blogging on a Sunday? Did they change the rules of the A-Z challenge?? :O

    • Ahahahahaha OMG I completely forgot that we don’t need to post on Sundays.

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