A 5k run in Hyderabad

August 27, 2016

So, I had signed up for the 5k fun run at the Hyderabad marathon, instead of the usual 10k (since S was running the half which was the same day), and given how little I had been training because S had been travelling, I wasn’t really optimistic. And I was glad it wasn’t a 10k. 

My knee issues keep coming and going. I’ve been fairly regular at strength training, except for the last month, and yet, the knee issues haven’t gone away. The one thing I have been trying to do regularly in the last month though, is the set of stretches my physio recommended.

And yet, it is never pain-free. Earlier this week I began running again, to get some training in before today’s 5k and sure enough, the knees hurt again. I struggled and finished a 5k in 41 minutes on Thursday, later in the day, my right knee began to hurt. I began to consider giving up running in events, especially 10k runs for good. Because it seemed that despite all the stretches and work I put in at the gym, the knees still hurt. 

And yesterday ended being a long day with a lot of  walking around, carrying A for quite a bit. And I was exhausted, angry and in pain (shoebites too!). And I mentioned to S the thought I had about giving up running. And he said, be kinder to yourself, it’s the night before your run. And I said, I want to be kinder, I want to be kinder on my body. 

Given how much my knee hurt last night, I put off bedtime by a good 15 minutes by doing my stretches and rolling my calf muscles and quads for a bit. 

I dunno if that helped, or it was simply a great day, I woke up and ran this morning and finished 5k in just under 35 minutes, my personal best. I had managed to keep my average speed at under 7 minutes per km for the entire 5km. I don’t quite know what it was, but there were no niggles, none of the left knee beginning to hurt when I pushed myself hard, and I felt like a well-oiled machine. 

And as soon as I met S at the finish line, the first thing I said to S was this, ‘This is what happens, I consider giving up, and then along comes a good run and I don’t wanna stop doing this.’

And I don’t want to. The gooseflesh at the start of the run, all the music, the mad sprint to the finish line and the euphoria at the end of it all. I don’t wanna stop doing this. 

PS: My knees, miraculously are still great and there’s no pain yet. Fingers crossed. 


One comment

  1. Oh man! Super proud of you! >:D<

    //‘This is what happens, I consider giving up, and then along comes a good run and I don’t wanna stop doing this.’

    I almost read 'a good run' as 'a good man' and I thought you were referring to S. Oh well, same difference if you read the full sentence again. 🙂

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