Conversations -2

June 21, 2016

The questions, the questions! I never thought they’d start this early but OHMIGOD have they been flying thick and fast in the last couple of months. I read a book to her and I get stopped mid-sentence every single time. And for every answer I give her, I’m rewarded with one more question.


We’re reading a book and there’s a pic of a girl wearing red shoes.

A: What is the girl wearing?

Me: She’s wearing red shoes, Ammu.

A: What red shoes?

Me: Those are pretty red shoes.

A: What pretty red shoes are those?

Me: She’s wearing pretty red shoes with white flowers.

A: What white flowers?

And so it goes on. Every once in a while I’m tempted to say, Ammu look, tiger and quickly burn the book while she’s distracted. But then I’d have to answer more endless questions like WHERE DID THE TIGER GO? WHERE IS MY BOOK? WHAT IS THAT SMELL? x 10,00000 times.

Yes, there’s also the insistent repetition of questions even after I’ve answered the question.  I suspect she does it when she doesn’t believe the answer I’ve given her. No terrible twos for us please, we seem to already have a teenager here!

And then she says the darnedest things sometimes.

‘Mummy, bum kiss maadu.’

Cos she apparently fell on her butt and wanted me to make it better like I usually do, by kissing the affected body part. (Eyeroll emoji)

Another day, and uncle of hers

was visiting and she stuck to him like glue. So she wanted him to do everything for her. She suddenly discovers her nose is running and she’s got some on her hand and wants her uncle to wipe it. And so, ‘Mama gonne togo’ which translates to —

‘Uncle, here, take my snot’.


Then there are days like yesterday. While she’s having her dinner and I haven’t yet started on mine, I’m sitting beside her waiting for her to finish so I can put her to bed. And I remark offhandedly to S that I’m hungry. Ammu then tells me, ‘Mummy hungry’. And then proceeds to stuff a piece of banana from her plate into my mouth. So I say, ‘Are you done, baby?’

And she explains, ‘Mummy hungry’ and continues with her dinner.


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