(Car)Ton of fun

June 8, 2016

We bought a new car seat for A cos she’s out grown the old one. And what a lovely investment it turned out to be. Especially the carton!

No, seriously. A big carton that can fit in a toddler plus a knife and it’s at least a couple of days worth of fun with a toddler.

The kee-kee-konn is the beep an ATM machine makes and the dig-dig-dig is apparently the sound that comes when the ‘paisa’ comes out 😀

Day 1:The carton is a tunnel

Day 2: The tunnel gets boring so we cut out a window. We also thrown in some crayons for the toddler to scribble away inside the tunnel.

Day 3: We stick some paper on the tunnel and some bits of chalkboard decal and throw in some chalks. Scribble scribble.

And then we take things up a notch and cut a couple of slits in the tunnel so that the ATM-loving (!!) toddler can insert her cards and have fun for an hour 🙂 At first she’ll drop the cards in and go into the tunnel to bring them back. And then she’ll get wise and reach for them through the window.

PS: Adult supervision mandatory cos said tunnel may collapse and toddler will freak the hell out.


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