Conversations – 1

May 8, 2016

Not quite 2 years old yet. (21 months, if I’ve to be specific.) So much chatter already! In cabs that are one-hour long, if she isn’t asleep, she is making a song out of the most random phrases (making the driver laugh) or asking me over and over and over again where X, Y, Z and their aunt went. And I keep repeating my answers. Until she comes up with a new explanation herself and then finally stops asking me.

When I want to playfully dismiss a request of A’s or respond when she deliberately sees the pic of a cow and calls it an elephant, I respond with a dramatic, ‘Ei, GOYYA’ and she giggles. 

I find a plastic token in my bag from a bank we visited the other day. A was playing with it and it somehow ended up in my bag. When I fish it out of the bag, A takes it and –

A: ‘What is this?’

Me: (in Tamil) ‘It’s a token from the bank we went to. You stole it and brought it home. ‘

A: Looks at me, eyes twinkling, smile on her face,  ‘Ei, GOYYA!’


We’re getting ready to leave to go some place. As usual A is dawdling and trying very hard to not get ready. I’ve put on her frock but she doesn’t want me to button her up. 

A: ‘Button beda’

Me: ‘Okay, fine.’

After a few seconds,

A: ‘Buttons beka’ 

(Reverse psychology usually works. And she still says beka for beku. Literally, she says ‘Do you want’ instead of ‘I want’ :-))

Me: But you said you don’t want me to button you up?

A: ‘Sorry’


I’m about to nurse her to sleep, and we’re talking.

Me: Who’s my cupcake?

A: Ammu

Me: Who’s my gundu? (don’t judge, we call her ALL sorts of things)

A: Ammu

Me: Who’s my piggy?

A: Ammu

(At the risk of getting sued by her if and when she grows up and reads this and gets embarrassed, I’m not listing the other 5-6 names I called her)

When we’re done going through the entire list of names I call her, she nurses for five minutes. She then lets go, and says,

‘Daying baby’

Me: Huh? Ohh that’s right, I forgot ! Who’s my darling baby?

A: Ammu.

Again, she nurses for a bit and then chimes in,

‘Punping pie’ (pumpkin pie)

While I would’ve even forgotten what we were talking about five minutes back, it’s amazing to see how she’s processing all that we spoke about and then waits to bring it up as soon as she’s ready to talk 🙂

Every once in a while, I ask A for a hug and every once in a blue moon she obliges. And I make sure I thank her when she hugs me. I usually say, ‘Thank you, sweetie pie!’

The other day, maybe the planets aligned or something, cos she asked me for a hug, arms outstretched. For the first time. I beamed and gave her a hug. She promptly responded,

‘Thankoo sweepie!’



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