Z: Zen Pencils

April 30, 2016

Yes, this post will be a short one where I link to my favourite Zen Pencils strip. This is another webcomic that I love and it’s by an Australian guy called Gavin Aung Than. He takes inspirational quotes or speeches and distills the essence into comic strips. What’s not to love?

Ooh he’s also released two books and posters based on the comic. In case you’re looking for gift ideas, these are great! Here: www.zenpencils.com

And here’s my favourite strip, based on a quote by Ira Glass. I can’t quite express how much I love this piece and the comic 🙂

(A strong sense of deja vu happened and I went back and checked the archives and realised this is my second post on the same thing! Told you I love it :D)



One comment

  1. This is the reason Vijay and Deepa posts got written 🙂

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