W: Wishlist

April 27, 2016

It would be so amazing if I were to wake up one morning with these wishes having come true!

  1. Two extra hours in a day all to myself, where I can sketch and/or read to my heart’s content. This is apart from the hour I get to myself at the gym pretty much every day. 
  2. Ability to drive a car like a boss, especially in Hyderabad. 
  3. Ability to not care what others think (I paused here and wondered if I should really put this in here, because…what will XYZ think when they read this point. No kidding. Q.E.D!)
  4. Clarity in what sort of a job I should look for next
  5. Ability to be more even-tempered, more understanding and the ability to let go and forgive those who’ve hurt me. 

It would be fun to re-visit this list in the next April’s challenge and see what’s still on the list, and what’s new on the list 🙂


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