T: Talk talk talk talk

April 23, 2016

A has been talking a LOT in the last couple of months. And on this trip Bangalore, her vocabulary has just been expanding and expanding. It’s a smattering of Tamil, English and a lot of Kannada.

Sees something unfamiliar.

Ammi, idu what is this?

Mummy, what is that?’

Sees something she wants for herself.

Idu Ammu-du‘ (This is Ammu’s)
Sitting on the throne in the bathroom at my folks’ place

Idu yaav bathroom? Bathroom paer enna? (Which bathroom is this? What is this bathroom’s name?)

Thatha (her grandpa) goes out of sight.

Thatha yelli hoytu?! Thatha enga pona? (Where did Thatha go?)

While I’m helping her into a pair of Giraffe undies I bought from a woman at a shop.

Idu Aunty kodsidu‘ (Aunty bought this for me. While she means we bought this from Aunty)

Waiting for her grandpa at the gate

Thatha kanstha illa‘ (Can’t see Thatha)


to an old bruise on her thigh

Gaaya bench sitting‘ (Cos we noticed the bruise when we were sitting on a bench in the park)

And while she’s eating something she really enjoys (eg: grapes, mango, cucumber)

Innu haaku, innu haaku

(Put some more, put some more)


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