S: Shh

April 22, 2016

Among the very many things that’s a taboo to talk about in parts of Indian culture is your period. And if your family has similar origins like mine does, you probably know of the custom where women are supposed to stay away from the kitchen and Pooja room and generally be untouchable for ‘those three days of the month’. Separate plates to eat from, glass to drink from. Wash the bedsheets and all the clothes you wore and touched etc. Yes, of course we’re in the 21st century, why do you ask?

Anyway, one incident from my childhood stands out when I think of this custom. I was at (high) school and I recall mentioning to a friend casually that I was on my period. Later she told me nicely enough, that I should keep such things to myself. Because now that I had told her, she’d need to go home and take a bath again. Because she knew.
Forget about temples not letting in women who’re menstruating. The change needs to begin at a much lower level – at home, with the kids, with women.


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