Q: Queen

April 20, 2016

Queen, the Bollywood movie that I LOVE SO MUCH. So much that I watched it twice in theatres within a span of two weeks. The only other movie I watched twice in the theatres was Kaminey, I think.

I thought I’d list down my favourite dialogues from the movie, but there are just too many. In fact, the scene where she gets drunk in a bar for the first time and rants and cries and rants itself has so many hilarious lines – I thought of listing some, but again, way too many! So here’s YouTube to the rescue!

One of the things that I love about the movie is how Kangana’s character is so non-judgmental. I also love the fact that the makers didn’t choose to go with the cliched ending in Bollywood movies where she reunites with the guy. (Life in a Metro, English Vinglish, I’m looking at you) and I also love the fact that instead of going to the other extreme where she blows off the guy when he meets her, she meets him, has a civil conversation and then says we’ll talk once I’m back. And then again when they meet, she lets him down, gently.

And of course, the music. I love the songs, and probably, Kinaare, the most and it features in my running playlist. And I love the picturization too. It starts off with her walking, and then she breaks into a run, with a childlike glee on her face. I dare you to watch that scene and not be filled with joy 🙂


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