P: People

April 19, 2016

Every once in a while, you meet people who blow you away with their personalities and their generosity. P, my former maid/house help in Bangalore is one such person. 

She almost always wears this brilliant smile. I’ve never once heard her complain or seem agitated or unhappy (funnily enough, I realised this only after I met someone else who has a tough life and constantly spoke about it) I’m sure P’s life isn’t a bed of roses either, but she seems to accept it gracefully and seems content. 

The only time I’ve ever seen her really distressed was when someone in another apartment accused her of stealing. Wrongly accused her of course. She was backed by many others in our apartment, and she was cleared by the evening. But the indignity at being accused and of having to visit a police station can’t be reversed.

When I broke the news to her that we were moving to Hyderabad, she was in tears. I didn’t expect this, I thought only A’s nanny would be so gutted. I was wrong. She is so deeply attached to A, and seems rather attached to us as well. The day we left from our apartment to my Mom’s place (two days before we actually moved), she stayed with us until the packers were done and helped us clean the place. And then she called me a few hours later, to check if we reached Mom’s place alright after the packers left. A couple of days later, she called me to enquire if we’d reached Hyderabad alright. Then a week later, to ask us if we’d settled in okay. 

And she calls me or messages me every other week, just to say hello and ask us how we’re doing. 

It’s amazing to be at the receiving end of all this love 🙂


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