O: Online

April 18, 2016

There was once a time when you’d tell someone, ‘Wait I’ll come online’ and then it would mean connecting your landline phone wire into the modem, clicking something on your screen and waiting for your dial-up connection to take you ‘online’. (If you were born before 1990, you probably don’t know what I’m talking about.)

There was a time when the wifi connection at home was new, and you’d probably switch off the connection at night. And switch it on in the morning. I think my own Dad no longer does that.

Chances are, that all of us (those of you reading this) are now almost always online. Let me try and list the things that I do online these days:

Shop. Order food. Order groceries. Book a cab. Navigate to some new part of town. Choose a restaurant to eat. Book flight, bus, train tickets. File taxes. Pay bills. Watch TV series. Watch a movie. Look for jobs. Houses. Tenants. Read. Look up recipes. Find answers. Communicate with family and friends.

The list is endless. We’re almost always online. Except for the times we choose to deliberately go offline. Like a holiday. Away from work emails. Away from whatsapp and FB and Twitter and whatever else has begun to feel like noise and been intrusive to your privacy and peace of mind.

Once upon a time, we couldn’t wait to get online. Every once in a while, I can’t wait to get offline. 



  1. Born AFTER 1990, you mean? 😛

    Oh, dial-up connections. There are a lot of ’90s things I’m nostalgic about, but I wouldn’t wish dial-up on my worst enemy.

    Also, I’m never going to be one to complain about anything being available online. I’d rather have all the convenience and the option to switch it off, than not have the convenience at all. 😛

    • Gahaha yup. After. This is why I ought to finish my posts in the am. And yup yup, nothing beats the convenience of online shopping, especially stuff like groceries!

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