K: Kaveri Trail Marathon

April 13, 2016

The Kaveri Trail Marathon, or KTM, is an annual marathon that happens in September in Sriranpatna, near the Ranganthittu bird sanctuary, Karnataka. Since we moved back to Bangalore, S and I have tried to make it to the run every year. It’s the most scenic route I’ve run on (I know there are few more rural-side runs that happen now and people vouch that they’re even more beautiful).

It’s a trail run, winding alongside a canal on one side and lush green paddy fields on the other, for a large part of the route. The first time I ran a 10k on this trail, I fell in love. So I wanted to go back the next year. But a couple of days before the run, I fell sick and had to miss it. But S was running, so we managed to go anyway. And then came a couple of years’ break when I was pregnant, and then A was born. Last year, thanks to a bunch of colleagues I started running again. And so, with a one-year old A in tow, we decided to make the trip again. S, graciously offered to skip taking part, so that he could take care of A. My folks also joined us on this trip. I was thrilled to be back. 

This time round was extra-special, cos I had one tiny cheerleader cheering me on, and greeting me at the finish line. I was super-thrilled at finishing despite knee pain early on in the run. And when I returned home and looked up the timings and my previous 10k run timings, I realised that this was my best effort! I was faster than I had been 8 years back! So hey, maybe motherhood did bring out the best in me and mysteriously make me fitter and stronger 😉

I have my eyes on the KTM this year too, and I’ll be damned if I don’t better my last year’s timing!


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