J: Jack of all trades

April 12, 2016

And when I say trades, I mean interests. There are a bunch of hobbies I’ve dabbled in, but I’m yet to figure out what I’m awesome at. Master of none, then? Perhaps. 

There’s photography, baking, sketching, painting (if we want to be specific), gardening, running, yoga, and of course, blogging! At some point there was also the guitar-playing, kickboxing, Krav Maga, swimming as well. Like S says, the trouble is in having too many interests. And with a toddler and no external help now, it’s even more challenging. Did I mention I like to read and get my 7 hours of sleep as well? 

At some point earlier it might have bothered me that I did not pursue photography more seriously (But I must say having time in hand and one tiny subject has revived the interest, yay) Or take up art more seriously, and formally. Or bake more often. Or practise the guitar more and get better at it. But hey you know what, there’s just the one life. And if dabbling at several things gives me the freedom to try out different things, so be it. As long as I’m aware when I’m clearly not committed or good enough for/to a particular interest. Like my guitaring. And so before we moved to Hyderabad, I gifted the guitar that was gathering dust to a friend. It made her happy, and it made me a little sad, but I was glad to let go of the guilt. Guilt that would creep up when I looked at it languishing in a corner. 

I just hope that I’ll be able to do justice to the rest of the interests I currently have, and if not, the wisdom and grace to admit that I perhaps, suck at it, and then let go. 



  1. Hey Shub, long time reader of your old blog and now this one, via Sayesha’s. Would you be interested in trying out Crossfit (another worthy addition to your list 🙂 I’m in Hyderabad too, and have been meaning to start it, but lack of company (and working out a schedule according to the little masters of our lives!) keeps me from getting going.

    • Hey!
      Yes, I’d actually love to try out cross fit, but sadly at this point I don’t quite know where I’ll make the time for it. Perhaps next year! Going over to read your blog now 🙂

  2. Sigh 😔 tell me when you do get to it, I’m gonna give it a shot next month. Fingers crossed I can work out an early morning schedule.
    Oh god, my poor old neglected blog is gonna be so happy 😊

    • Where’s the place you’re planning to join?

      • Potens fitness close to inorbit mall.

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