F: Facebook groups

April 7, 2016

For reasons I’m yet to completely understand, I never really took to Facebook. Last year at some point I decided I ought to give it a more serious try and posted something on it a couple of times. But that was pretty much it. I don’t see the point in sharing some update in my life with an entire bunch of people ranging from family, to friends to acquaintances I’ve probably met once. I know, I can control who sees what. That’s where it begins to seem like too much work to me. So it doesn’t work for me. What also boggles my mind is the need to instantly update, and check-in and announce to the world what a fabulous time you’re having at this utterly instagrammable place. This is true of almost all forms of social media though, I suppose.

And some of my closest friends aren’t even on my FB friend list. I’m happier picking up the phone or exchanging text or whatsapp messages with people who mean something to me. But I guess whatever works for you, works for you.

The one aspect of FB that I have been quite amazed by though, is the groups. I gingerly joined a couple of ‘Mommy groups’ after I became a mother. Primarily cos I was tired of googling one thousand things a day when A was still a newborn. (Man, the tales my search history will tell 🙈) I joined groups focussed on Breastfeeding support, Cloth Diapering, Babywearing and Baby-led Weaning.

It was quite overwhelming and fascinating at first. The sort of queries that people would post. The abbreviations. ‘My LO hasn’t pooped in 4 days’. ‘My DH and I had a fight..’  LO=little One. DH= Dear (darling?) husband. But at the core of it there was a ton of good advice and plenty of links to read, read and read. And also, it REALLY helped to know that I wasn’t alone in this. And it helped that there were others who felt the way I did, and had thoughts and questions that I did. It’s amazing how responsive the group admins were to queries posted and how some others would jump in with their two cents as well. There was empathy, there was support. And I got exposed to new ideas and concepts through the groups as well. For example, watching videos of babies under a year old eat by themselves gave me the courage to actually give baby-led weaning a shot with A. While I don’t actively post, just reading up a ton of resources linked on the groups gave me direction. In many ways, I’m still quite the Internet-shy bystander. I’m still wary of posting our pics on FB. But the sense of community I see on these groups is quite amazing and gives me hope.

So when I moved to a new city with no friends, I looked up a for running groups and sketching groups. And found the Hyderabad parents’s group and joined it as well. But of course.


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