E: Everyday routine

April 6, 2016

(I know, SO imaginative.)

I pondered whether to add the word routine up there, because despite a semblance of routine, I’d still say no two days are alike. 

Until recently I’d wake up whenever A would wake up to the background music of S getting ready for work. This means our wake-up time would be anywhere between 7 am and 8 am.  days A wakes up all bright-eyed and some days I need to coax her out of bed. After we brush our collective 44 teeth, A asks for a snack if she’s hungry. While I make a cup of tea or coffee, she potters around with whatever is currently the flavour of the week. If she’s hungry enough or we have enough time, I make breakfast and we eat as well. And then we head out to the supermarket and playtime at the park. 

At supermarket she points and exclaims at veggies and fruits, and tries so hard to get me to buy what she fancies. 

“Mummmmy, banana TOGO!” (Mummy, buy banana!)

“We already have some home baby – we bought some yesterday.”


(And so on until we’re done)

And then we go to one of the parks in the apartment. Depending on the park we’re in she either wants to people-watch or walk around collecting flowers from the ground or pick up dried leaves and seeds, or like more recently, play on the slides and see-saw and swings. 

We return by 10 am and then we eat breakfast and I give her a bath if she’s played in the sand. Else we bum around for a bit with her books until she’s ready to nap. Which is, at this point (Gasp, 20 months old today!) about 1.5 or 2 hours. As soon as she naps, I make myself another cup of tea or coffee and catch up on my feeds and whatsapp. And then I do my physics-recommended stretches and get started on making lunch. While I make lunch or if I’ve made a quick lunch, I watch online whatever TV series is my current obsession. Or, if Skillshare has some interesting new video, I watch that. Right now, this blogging challenge fits quite nicely into the spot. When I started the challenge, I ended up doing the blog post just before I would sleep each night. Doing it earlier in the day is a lot less stressful!

By now she’s up and we eat lunch together. (Coincidentally, she woke up at this point in the post and so I’m resuming it now at the end of the day.) And then we water the plants (I know, who does that in the afternoon?) and if there’s laundry to be hung up or put away we do that. And then flip through her books for a while. And then we play for a while. Today I set out a tub of water in the balcony with some of her toys and a couple of ladles. She was quite happily engrossed for about 30 minutes until she forgot that she wasn’t taking a bath and emptied half a mug of water onto the floor and her foot. And then got freaked out and began to bawl. 

Some days we visit a neighbour for tea, or she and her one-year old daughter come over. And then around 5.30 or 6pm, we head out to the park. We head back by the time S returns from work. On days that S is early, he takes her to the park, while I head to the gym early. By the time I get back from gym, she’s had her bath and sometimes dinner too. And then we read together again for a bit before sleep overpowers her and she says, ‘Book beda’. And then it’s bedtime. 

And then S and I finish our dinner if we already haven’t, do a bit of catching up. Maybe watch something or read for a bit, and off to la-la-land as well. 

On most days, the time seems to fly past pretty quick. On other days I seem to be glancing at the clock a little too often. I figured documenting this here would help me, if years down the line, I wonder whatever I used to do with her all day. 


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