D: Dreams

April 5, 2016

There’s this recurring dream that I used to have as a child. I don’t recall too many things from my childhood, but this one stands out. It was the weirdest and most vague dream ever, and yet (or maybe that’s why) it freaked me out every single time. It featured just this huge sheet of paper or something membrane-like that would keep folding over itself. That was it.   No people, no animals, no ghosts. And yet, it reeeeeally scared me. I guess I’m doing a terrible job of it, but that the best description I can give. I would pray fervently each night before I went to bed, and in my prayers would be an earnest request that I would not dream that dream. I’m guessing I was around 6 then. Luckily, at some point, that dream stopped. 

Of course, in my adulthood, my most recurring dream has always had the same theme – Exams. This doesn’t mean that I was scared of exams when I was younger. Nope, that wasn’t always the case. And yet, as an adult my dreams are always one of these – I’m either > 30 minutes late for an exam, or I’m terribly underprepared for an exam, or get this — I have less than a week to go for an exam, and I’m yet to buy the textbooks for that subject (insert appropriate emoji here). And these sort of dreams have occurred so often it’s not even funny. 

And so I looked it up. Apparently this is a manifestation of the stress you’re facing in some aspect of your life. I suspect this was usually work-related and occurred around tight deadlines. Oh hey guess what, I haven’t had those sort of dreams in the last couple of months either 😉 

In hindsight, maybe this should’ve been a post for N, cos it is really about nightmares. Oh well! Anyone else get these ‘dreams’?


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