B: Banana French Toast

April 2, 2016

It was in high school that I heard about French toast for the first time. And I couldn’t imagine why on earth anyone would want to eat something that was essentially bread dipped in sweetened egg and the toasted (sounds eww, right?). Also at that point I had been brought up on a regular South Indian breakfast of Idli-Dosai-Upma-Pongal-sevai-etc. Wasn’t yet exposed to sweet breakfasts like pancakes and cereal. Over the years (having met more fans), I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try to see what French toast would taste like, and so I did. And didn’t hate it. And somewhere along the way I discovered cinnamon powder. And so French toast came to be a once in a while weekend breakfast. 

Cut to one baby later, I’m always looking for ideas to incorporate bananas into her diet (she started off loving the fruit, then absolutely refused to eat it, and now she’s just indifferent). And so, the Banana French toast was born. And I love it so much, I make this for the adults in the house too. Especially perfect for days when there’s one over-ripe banana in the fruit baskets – too few for banana bread, but just right for…French toast. Here’s the no-recipe recipe. 

Banana French Toast


One large banana, ripe

Two eggs

2 tablespoons milk

Cinnamon powder, a fat pinch

4-5 slices of bread

Butter or ghee to toast the slices


Mash the banana to a pulp with a fork or a masher. Beat in the eggs and milk. Add the cinnamon powder and stir. At this point, you could also add a teaspoon of date syrup or half a spoon of sugar for extra sweeteness. Dip the bread slices into his mixture and toast on low heat with butter or ghee. Cook both sides until just done. 

Bonus recipe: Banana pancake

This is A’s favourite anytime-snack. 


One large banana, ripe

One egg

One tablespoon whole wheat flour or quick-cooking oats. (I sometimes use a 50-50 proportion)

Butter or your fat of choice to cook the pancakes 


Mash the banana with a fork. The riper, the better. Beat in the egg and the flour. This makes two small pancakes. This is also a great Baby-led weaning recipe since it has no added sugar. Again, feel free to add date syrup if needed. I’ve also added grated apple or carrots to modify this recipe. 


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