2016 Goals

November 28, 2015

I know end of November is way too early to be talking of 2016 goals, and it’s not that this is something I do religiously, but hey, I have a post to type out, and this is as good a time as any to start. Here we go –

  1. Run a sub-60 minute 10k. If I hadn’t attended this workshop, my goal would have been something far more stupid and ambitious, like – to run a half marathon. But from the lessons I’ve learned from the workshop, I’m gonna take it slow and like the Doc recommends, take a good 12-18 months to make the leap from one category to the next. 
  2. 52 blog posts at least. That means one each week, and hey, maybe also do the A-Z challenge in April?
  3. Keep clutter away and a decently organised cupboard. I’ve gotten better at it this year but paring down my wardrobe, using the Konmari method, but there is loads of room for improvement. 
  4. My sketching goal – go back to the drawing board (ha ha) with watercolours and try and create at least two decent paintings (A4 or bigger) by the end of the year. Sketch at least 3 times a week, if not daily. 
  5. Either decide to make the effort and maintain a decent balcony garden, or decide it’s not a priority for me and give the pots away. 

One comment

  1. You’ll make it!!

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