Sunday evening

November 22, 2015

Was a fun one. S is away, and I had a bit of shopping to do for A, so the two of us headed out. It threatened to rain, but I crossed my fingers, carried an umbrella, and no diaper bag since we weren’t going too far (a first, I think!) and headed out. Once we were done shopping (new shoes for her!), the weather still seemed fine, so I decided to go to the cafe at Rangashankara. I love the place, and figured, A would have ample space to run about if she wanted to. As it turned out, she didn’t run around much, but was quite keen on greeting people there and imitating some especially loud laughter (so embarrassing). Overall, it was a nice evening, and something I think I should do more often 🙂

Here she is chilling like a villain in her new shoes. 



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