Travel tales

November 20, 2015

While certain places that you visit will always stay with you because of how picturesque they were, some other trips are made memorable by the people you encounter or things that happen to you. That’s a no brainer I guess. This morning I was trying to recollect some such encounters – 

Munnar, 2004, I think. First trip with colleagues on my first job. Dropped my wallet somewhere and didn’t know where. On my return to Bangalore (after I had blocked my card), I got a call saying someone found my wallet and they would courier it. And they did. Minus the money, but hey, at least I got my DL back!

Bangkok – 2007? With Sayesha, Viv and Pizzadude. I recall at one point we’d all but spent the currency we had among us (Chatuchak market, I bet!) At one point, I said, in desperation, oh well, if nothing, I have this Milo packet on me for an emergency. Then, there was also this case of lost train ticket and a fine for that!

A trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in 2008. We were on our way to see the Cu Chi tunnels without much money on us, or knowledge of how to get there. We couldn’t afford a private vehicle I think, so we relied on the local buses. Communication was a huge issue. Luckily for us, we found a friendly young girl who spoke some English and helped us get to our destination. She even decided to accompany us to the tunnels and be our guide of sorts! Also, thanks to all this local bus business, we were late for our bus to Cambodia, and so, we had to take someone else’s help on our way back to request the other driver to wait for us. 

Phuket. 2010. This lovely little restaurant where the owner had covered the walls with CD covers from his favourite bands. Turns out he was a Clapton fan too. Naturally, I asked him if he made it to his concert at Singapore in 2007,  but he said nope. I hope he’s managed to see him live since 🙂 I also remember we bought a ‘mixtape’ CD that he had made. 

Milan. 2012. This nice AirBnB apartment that we found close to our venue for the Mark Knopfler concert on the outskirts. The owner of the apartment was clearly house-proud, well-travelled and had some lovely curios from around the world. And he said he’d heard of the company I work with – what are the odds?! There was a huge world map covering one of the walls in our bedroom and pinned places he’s visited. S is hoping to borrow the idea and do the same in our home, some day!

Venice. The same trip. Crowded bus from Venice to Mestre. A man, beside me, clearly trying to pick someone’s pocket in front of me. I sort of blocked the guy, and then the owner of the said pocket got off. The pick-pocket-fellow got really mad at me, swore and got off the bus. Still mad, he came and banged the window next to the seat where I just settled down now. Ugh. I was quite taken aback and shaken. 

Amritsar, 2015 with friends and A. Again, an AirBnB apartment. Lovely family, great hospitality, and endless supply of chai and great food. 

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few, but maybe they’ll be part two! What are some moments that stand out from your travels?


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