Excuses and an excuse of a post

November 20, 2015

Plans. You can make ’em all you want.

You are thrilled at getting an idea for your post for the day way before 11.30 pm. And you’ve started to draft it in your head, and figure this would be a longer-than-usual post. Then you get home, and decide to make an impromptu plan to go out for dinner to a restaurant nearby – since hey, that sort of thing doesn’t happen too often with since you became a parent. And then you have a fun dinner. Of course at no point do the three of you sit at the table and eat at the same time, cos one tiny person is busy exploring the restaurant and greeting every single person in there. And saying hello to her own reflection. So you mentally tell yourself about checking if a place has a high-chair beforehand, from the next time. And you head home and nurse the tiny person to sleep, and somehow, just somehow, you manage to stay awake. It’s only 9.45 pm. And then once she’s asleep, you start off typing that post that you’ve been planning. And for some reason, she wakes up again, so you nurse her again, and hope that she goes back to sleep quickly. In the process of course, you fall asleep. And then the nice person that you married proceeds to change her, and seeing that both of you are asleep, proceeds to switch off the lights.

And when you wake up next and are able to form coherent thoughts in your head, you realise –

  1. *GASP* it’s 7.45am.
  2. *GROANNNN* You didn’t finish that post from last night.

So yeah, plans.

Life: 1, Plans: 0.


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