The voices in my head (part 2)

November 17, 2015

Often, at the beginning if my yoga class, we are encouraged to sit still and meditate. Focus on our breathing. On emptying our minds of thoughts. And I try. This is how it usually goes –

‘Okay, focus. Empty mind.’

Deeeep breath.  

‘I wonder what A is doing. ‘

‘I hope I get time to do A, B and C this weekend. ‘

‘Shhhh. Focus. Stop thinking. ‘

‘On my way back I should stop at Fresh and More and get X and Y. ‘

Deeeep breath. 

‘What shall I bake this weekend?’

‘Oh God, I really suck at this clearing my head of thoughts business. ‘

‘One more time, let’s try this. ‘

Deep breath. 

‘Maybe I’ll blog about this!’


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