Child is the father of man

November 16, 2015

While I was making lunch this morning, A was having breakfast on her high chair. Rice sevai. I also added a spoon of thick curd to her tray. Now A loves curd/yoghurt. Really, really, really loves curd. And for the past 3-4 days I hadn’t given her any cos there wasn’t any at home and I didn’t buy any because the weather has been chilly and rainy. So she was naturally delighted to eat some. As I went back to my business, she piped up.

‘Mummy, thatoo.’ (Mummy, thank you)

Me: Awww. You’re welcome, baby.

Eats some more. And then,

‘Mummy, thatoo.’

Warmed my heart and made me hope I’ll always be as acknowledging when someone does something I appreciate, no matter how simple or easy it was for them.

In a lot ways, bringing up A is making me watch and evaluate the things I do and say. I should watch out even more closely now, because, with every single day I’m more and more aware of what a sponge she is, constantly watching and filing things away for later reference. And it’s amazing, the things you learn from your own offspring. Child is the father of man, indeed.


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