November 13, 2015

I constantly wonder if I’ll forget these tiny moments, filled with magic, and I wish I could bottle them up and keep them safe. 

  • When she woke up in the middle of the night, and didn’t immediately go back to sleep thanks to her Dad snoring. She lay wide awake, and went ‘Daddy, khoaaaa!’ It cracked me up. I giggled, and she giggled. 
  • When she was sitting on the bed, and doubled over, trying to blow a raspberry on her own belly  realising she couldn’t, she looked up and caught me laughing. And she laughed. 
  • When she picked up a piece of tomato that she no longer wanted to eat, and walked straight to the dustbin and opened it and threw it in. And I marvelled at how much she learns just by watching us. 
  • When her Dad sneezed, and she just couldn’t wait to report that bit of news to her grandpa. Never mind that he’d been sitting right there. She just had to stand in front of him, and go, ‘Thatha, Daddy – acchhhi!’ And went on repeating it till he acknowledged her. 
  • When she woke up this morning and saw the string of lights blinking by the front door. She went, ‘Aitu, Aituuu, Aituuu!!’ (A’s word for light) and then laughed the most delightful laughter. 

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