‘Use and throw’ 

November 10, 2015

I hardly qualify to be a tree-hugging sort, but every once in a while I stop and think about what we’re doing to our planet and I feel terrible and worry. 

Off late, with the influx of private cabs, an Ola or an Uber is almost always available. In a city like Bangalore where public transport is bad, to put it mildly, these are easily available, and fairly easy-on-the-pocket. So these cabs have become wildly popular. Once a upon a time when these cabs were a luxury, and a hassle to book and hard to find, we would find other alternatives. Now, we look for apps which cut down our effort to two taps at the most. Me of course, the cheapest rides. So, as cabs become easier to book, cheaper and our pockets, deeper, we’re quite happily forgetting what effect we’re having on our planet. 

Sure, there’s Uberpool and ride-sharing/carpooling apps like Zipgo. But will they ever be as popular as your on-demand cab hailing apps? No. And so, as long as we have the money, and the apps (who will someday raise fares to ridiculous extents and we’d probably still use them anyway), we’ll continue to be casual about the pollution and fuel consumption and put our convenience above all else. 

And in the process, continue treating our planet as a disposable entity, one that’s entirely ours to use, abuse and discard. 



One comment

  1. Move to Guwahati. Nothing works, so you can go to sleep restful in the knowledge that ou got nothing done and used very few of earth’s resources.

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