Festivals and festivities

November 9, 2015

I wonder how the way we celebrate festivals will evolve with my generation. For a festival like Diwali, I’ve seen my Mom go the whole nine yards once upon a time – making several varieties of bhakshanam (including homemade khana-boondi/sevai and mixture) and sweets. And then over the years, that number gradually reduced, and it then became something that was outsourced. I’m sure age had a lot to do with this, but I also wonder if this is also the gradual evolution of the festival. 

And then of course, the crackers. My mom still wakes up at 5am and does the whole oil-bath routine for Diwali – something that was partly fun, partly annoying to us a kids. And then, freshly bathed, we’d go and burst some crackers and eat some of the bhakshanam. I’d happily do the rest and turn down the crackers now. 

As a reluctant participant in some traditions, I wonder what sort of memories we can create for A around these festivals. What sort of traditions we will embrace and what new ones we’ll create, as a family. Will she associate the days with times when she got to meet both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins?  When she’d get to eat all the sugar that was normally denied to her? Will she recall her somewhat-still-clueless parents trying to explain traditions to her? Or her mother explaining how certain festivals were celebrated when she herself was a child?

I do hope she grows up with a similar sense of excitement around festivals as mine and has special memories of celebrations that she can carry forward 🙂


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