Whatever makes you happy

November 8, 2015

The title of course is from that very popular Radiohead song, but that has nothing to do with this post. 

I’ve had a good weekend, and to top it, I went out for an hour after putting A to bed a couple of hours back. I caught up with my friend and sketching buddy over a quick dinner and made a quick sketch. And it’s amazing what wonders that did to my mood. Not that I was in a bad mood or anything – I’d had a perfectly good day, and just being able to spend *some* time sketching felt absolutely fantastic. 

Here’s what I sketched.  


And here’s what I’ve suspected all along. I immensely enjoyed the everyday sketching thing and I really am finding it hard to bring myself to do the Nablopomo with the same enthusiasm. Maybe it’s the lack of a theme, or maybe it’s just that I love sketching more than blogging at this point. This could be where I say ‘Hence, I quit’ and go to bed happy and not be guilty of posting blah posts each night, but hey, that ain’t me. For what it’s worth, this post is fun, and I enjoyed putting up yesterday’s post too – so maybe let’s not write it off just yet, yeah?

One thing is clear though. I’m getting back to sketching everyday as soon as this blasted Nablopomo is over, if not earlier 😀


One comment

  1. Awww, don’t hate nablopomo. Good nablo, makes me write for ten minutes each day.
    (Pats nablo reassuringly on the head)

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