Fear of the dark

November 6, 2015

Long day at work again, and no time to really mull over what to post. So I went over the the Blogher November prompts page to get an idea.

What was your biggest fear as a child? Do you still have it today? If it went away, when did your feelings changes?

So yeah, I used to, and still am (yes!) to a large extent, scared of the dark. As a kid, if I’d ever have to pee in the middle of the night, I would literally break into a cold sweat. I vaguely recall waking up Mom or Dad to escort me. Of course, I guess I learnt pretty quickly not to drink too much water before bedtime!

Of course, during the second half of my pregnancy, this became inevitable, and I had no choice but to get up and go 🙂

A natural extension of that, perhaps, or maybe the fear of the unknown is also the reason I can’t watch a horror movie, or even read horror. But lately, I’ve been contemplating picking up a Stephen King, just for the pleasure of enjoying more of his writing. (I love the only book of his I’ve read so far – On Writing – and that’s not even his best genre!) Besides, if I’ve to raise a fearless and confident child, I’d better work on myself first, right?


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