In which I learn that running helps grow my brain cells

November 2, 2015

No, this isn’t a post about how I ran a marathon and suddenly felt smarter at the end of it*.  

It’s about this post that popped up on my feedly today. 

This video. http://youtu.be/B_tjKYvEziI

It’s an 11-minute TED talk about neurogenesis (growth of new brain nerve cells).  Most of the science I’ve learnt in school and college I’ve long-forgotten, so it is fascinating to learn that 700 new neurons are born in the Hippocampus every day. And apparently this means that by the time we turn 50, the set we’re born with is entirely replaced by the new set. I hope I got that right. 

And from the looks of it, learning, running, healthy eating, keeping stress away, sleeping well and sex seem to promote the growth of neurons. Pretty cool, huh? Just watching this video has made me smarter – I learnt something new, and by learning something new, I’ve grown new brain cells. Science is fascinating. Heck, this world is fascinating. Sorry if I’m getting a bit carried away – this happens when I realise how little I know. It makes me all gung-ho and makes me want to learn a little more about this universe that we live in. 

*Come to think of, that one time I did run a full marathon with some half-assed training, I realised that it was indeed stupid of me to have done that. See, smarter already. 


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