NaBloPoMo is here!

November 1, 2015

And so I’m back. Thanks for egging us on, you enthu cutlet, Maya

When I did this in April, I realised hey, it’s really not all that impossible to set aside 15-30 minutes each night to do something (somewhat) productive. Or create something. And so, egged on by another friend, I began a 75 day sketching challenge. Started on 31st May, and I managed to go on well past a 100 days. I surprised myself wildly in being able to keep that discipline for so long. The reason I stopped about three weeks back was that after a point it began to feel forced and I was sketching on some nights with zero inspiration and just to keep the streak unbroken. One night I simply forgot and then I felt liberated, and then I never quite went back to sketching daily.

In that sense, a 30 day blogging challenge seems just like what the doctor ordered. It’s not going to be easy. Now that I’ve resumed working full time, there is rarely a day when I’m up past 11pm. Actually make that 10.30pm. In fact, some nights, I fall asleep along with A. Primarily due to a lack of enthusiasm to do much after 9pm despite having the time. This was never the case when I was doing the sketching challenge. So, again, this seems like a perfect time to take up a project like this one đŸ™‚

What will I blog about, since this is no A to Z challenge? I’m really thinking out loud here – general talking out loud posts of course, some recipes, some sketches, so posts based on Nablopomo prompts, and finally – I’m hoping to find some inspiration and find prompts for short stories as well. This was something I’ve experimented with a little bit in the past, and enjoyed. Since I’ve put this out there, I’m hoping I will follow through.

This NaBloPoMo (the first and last time I did this was 5 years back!) is gonna need a bit more planning than the A to Z challenge, where even if I were to start at 11.30pm, I’d have a letter, and often a word in mind before starting. This, on the other hand is a free for all, and is going to be interesting. Challenging. And fun. Oh yes. 


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