Popeye’s Spinach and Cream Pasta

June 7, 2015

This post has been in the Drafts folder in my head for about three weeks now. 

One Thursday evening, S was out for dinner with a friend, and after I tucked lil A into bed at about 8pm, I made this simple pasta for dinner. After eating I thought, hey, why not try and sketch that. I’ve been quite reluctant to try sketching food, but given that fact that I enjoy cooking, eating and sketching, it was high time I tried marrying the three. For some reason, I picked up the ipad and opened up the Paper app and did a sketch in that. It was fun, I began to really understand how to use the app only that day. 

This is what I #MadeWithPaper


I had fun. A lot of fun, especially because I was sketching food, and also because I was exploring a medium still fairly new to me. Oh, I also enjoyed my dinner. So naturally, when S got home, I greeted him with a, ‘Hey! You should go out more often.’

The next evening I decided to try it out on real paper. And here’s that version –


Spinach, garlic, cream, pasta and a green chilli if you want.  

This was fun.


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