Y: Yoga

April 29, 2015

This is a no-brainer for me, I didn’t have to think for more than a couple of seconds about what I would blog about for Y!

I walked into my first yoga class when I was in Singapore. Yes, I spent 24 years growing up in India, and yet, I hadn’t been to a class in India. The yoga class was in one of those big gym + multiple group exercise classes sort of set up. I had been going solely for Body combat classes when my knees began to trouble me a bit more than usual, and so I decided to give a yoga class a try. I could have never imagined at that point how much I would come to love it. 

Since returning to India, I’ve been practising yoga on and off, fairly regularly through my pregnancy, and have resumed practice a couple of months ago again by joining classes. It helps immensely that I’m fairly flexible, so some asanas are easy for me. What I need to build is my core strength. While I can’t yet do a headstand, or the crane pose, I can do the chakrasana and that is something I’ll always be proud of. 

Power yoga or vinyasa makes me sweat it out on the mat like I’m doing some crazy cardio circuit training. Hatha yoga makes me realise what I’m capable of, what my limitations are and what asanas I need work some more on. In both forms, I feel strong. I have a long way to go in ensuring I have a mind free of thoughts during my practise. But unfailingly, at the end of each rigorous session, as I emerge from Shavasana, there is a stillness and peace that I feel. One of the yoga instructors finishes the class by encouraging us to retain that calmness throughout the day. 

Someday I hope I will train to become a teacher and teach yoga. And I hope when I’m 60 I can still do a mean chakrasana. 

For now though, here’s a look at some of the asanas that Lil A has been demonstrating to us –



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