W: Wish

April 27, 2015

So, Sayesha, Maya and I decided to something fun for W. We decided to pick the same word, Wish and make it a post on what we wish for another’s kiddo. This post will be about what I wish for Sayesha’s little munchkin, Xena. 

Dear Xena,

I don’t know how old you will be when you get around to reading this post. Blogging may well be dead then, going by the popularity of entire websites becoming popular based on ‘listicles’ and content generated solely using gifs (eyeroll), but I hope reading will still be in

When your Mom first told me she was pregnant, I cried. I cried because I was deliriously happy and incredibly sad at the same time. Sad, since I realised I wouldn’t be around in the same country to welcome you into this world. Trust me, growing up isn’t all that fun it might seem like when you’re , say, 12. At times you’ve got to make tough choices, and hope that they’re the right choices. 

Anyhow, when I did finally meet you, you were about 4 months old. A wee little bundled up thing, looking just like your Dad, and so, so precious. Our little fighter. Instant heartmelt. I recall sitting in your sunny living room, having you on my lap, and just watching, mesmerized. I also might have gone a little berserk with the camera, sorry about that. You can have your revenge when we meet next. 

Now, I have a little one of my own, lil A. A few years back, your Mom lamented that our kids and our sisters’ kids will only be cousins. At that time it struck me that yes, that seems unfair. We wouldn’t want them to be anything but sisters. But you know what, it’s okay. Sometimes all you need is a common love for a few things. That’s all it takes for a beautiful bond to be born. I do hope that you and Lil A, who is nearly 9 months old now will grow up knowing each other, and hey, maybe even liking each other enough to be friends. (No pressure!)

And my wish for you, apart from all the world-peace types – to grow up in a less polluted world, one that is safer for women, one where everyone is a little more kind towards each other, and where you have the freedom to be just what you want to be, and love who you want to love – is a simple one. 

To take you to Food street in Bangalore with your Mom, and see you beat her in a pani puri eating competition. 



One comment

  1. Thank you soooo much! It is a very touching, personal post. :’) I’m going to copy-paste and send this to her email (which she has no clue about, of course). And yes, she is the only one I wouldn’t mind losing the panipuri face-off to. 😀

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