U: Unintended

April 24, 2015

Smartphones. Some of us love them, some of us hate them, some of us barely tolerate them, some of us have become slaves to them. This post isn’t about the phones, but that nifty little inbuilt feature that most of them come with – auto-correct. Yes, there are pages and pages on the internet devoted to the unintended, often alarming, sometimes disgusting, but almost always hilarious text messages caused by a perfectly well-meaning, but over-enthusiastic auto-correct.

Closer home, on a whatsapp chat, Sis1 talking about her Coorg trip, sent this once:

Just a straight road to the monastery…had beef there today

We’re a family where, forget beef, any sort of non-veg is ‘Achhachho!!!!‘ So naturally, even before I could register what she’d said and my jaw could drop to the floor, she hastily clarified that she meant she had BEEN there. Not beef. Damn you, auto-correct.

Another time, I was checking work email on my phone. I replied to some email about our team getting started on something.

What I wanted to say: Great, I’m so glad we finally got this underway.

What auto-correct thought I meant: Great, I’m so glad we finally got this underwear.


This is why it’s always, always imperative to re-read your emails before you hit send.


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