R: Risk

April 21, 2015

No risk, no reward, goes one saying. I’m not an entirely risk-averse person. I’ve often ended up with a huge deck (did you think I was gonna say huge debt cos of my gambling troubles?) of cards while playing the card game Bluff. Simply because I can’t resist trying to call someone’s bluff. Why is this even relevant here? Well, if I were the kinds to play it safe, I’d probably not lose as often!

I’ve taken risks with my career. My folks will probably nod vehemently and agree. I quit a job without having a backup. I’ve (GASP) gone out and met strangers from the internet. And lived to tell tales of friendships I’ve made. I’ve attempted to finish (and did too!) a full marathon without sufficient training. My knees kept giving me dirty stares for months after that. Heck, I even decided to give the whole parenting thing a shot with no prior experience whatsoever! I’ll keep you posted on that. 

And yet, there’s one thing I’ve always avoided because the risk of failure is too great. I’ve tried doing this once earlier about 4 years back, and have failed spectacularly. Bad enough to never give this a shot again. But something changed today. I decided to give it a shot again. And did not fail spectacularly. 

Stuffed parathas. Mooli (radish) in this case. After one disastrous attempt where the filling gleefully burst through the outer atta and made a royal mess of my rolling pin, board and my general mental state, I decided to never do this again. Yet, on a just another Tuesday evening, I decided to tempt fate. My erstwhile cook was excellent at dishing out stuffed parathas – almost as proficient as we were in polishing them off. He had one tip to give – to roll out the parathas with confidence. If you do it gingerly, they will most likely leak, he said. And so I followed his advice and rolled out the first one with a flourish. And with the same flourish the insides of the parathas burst forth. With the next one I tried to be less flamboyant and more sensible and things improved drastically there on. 


I can’t say I’m there just yet. But I surely am no longer afraid to try. I’m ready to take this risk.

Besides, if all else fails there’s a ton of paratha places nearby to fall back on 🙂


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