P: Punctuality

April 18, 2015

P is actually for pale, which this post will, in comparison to the other P post, but hey, I don’t want cheat and skip my part. 

It would be fair to say I’m not the most punctual person I know. Wait, the most punctual person I know is Sayesha πŸ™‚ But I daresay, my years in Singapore, and the several times I’ve got the stinkeye from her for being late have made me far better now. That, and the fact that S is mostly the punctual sort as well. 

I’ve been late for a job interview once in my life, and I’m pretty sure that’s why I didn’t get the job. I was fresh out of college and green. I paid the price and learnt my lesson. I still feel so terribly ashamed at that memory, it stings. 

On my return to India, I began to experience what I’d been subjecting people to all along. With friends and family it was expected. After all, we invented and coined Indian Stretchable Time. But in a work environment? 

I’ve see people come late for meetings, interviews, and even a review meeting. And in this era of mobile phones, the easy way out, the least you can do, is a to send a text or make a call saying you’ll be late. Yet, I’m amazed when some people don’t even make that effort. Common courtesy when someone else is waiting for you, you’d think. Apparently not. And of course, this being Bangalore, the standard excuse is traffic. 

That explains a lot – on the roads, everyone is always in a tearing hurry, honking, speeding, cutting you off. We’re always in a hurry cos we’re always late. I myself am no different. But by putting this post out here, I’m hoping to make a stronger commitment. To everyone else’s time. To plan better, to take into account that extra time it takes to get ready along with a baby. To always plan for the worst case scenario, not the best case. 

To put into practice, all this preaching πŸ™‚


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